1. Good Things

From the recording Unhinged (digital album)

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(Patrick Jason Matthews/Jim Collins)

Her daddy said “I’m gonna kill him”
Her mama’s heart was about to break
Sarah sat on that couch a-crying
Seventeen and two months late

Her daddy said “You’re gonna ruin your life
“He’s no good and you’re way too young”
He started giving her all the options
But to Sarah there was only one
She loved that boy and he loved her

That night she snuck out
Met up with Jimmy and they headed out of town
Crossed the border and they said their vows
They didn’t have a ring or a wedding cake
It wasn’t much of a honeymoon
A sack of Krystals in a motel room
But they had each other and they had faith
That sometimes good things come to those who can’t wait

They moved in with Jimmy’s folks
'Til they found a little place to rent
His mama gave ‘em her old plaid sofa
A couple plates and a dinette set

Sarah worked at the beauty shop
Jimmy got a job laying bricks
They worked hard but it was worth it
The first time they felt that baby kick
And jimmy said he could play for Tennessee

One night Sarah woke him up
Said it’s time and this time it was
Jimmy damn near wrecked the truck doing ninety down the interstate
They made it to the delivery room
Sarah’s folks were right there too
And they knew when they saw that baby’s face
Sometimes good things come to those who can’t wait

That’s the story my mama tells to this day
Sometimes good things come to those who can’t wait