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-Jason, I just heard "That's What Mama's Do".  Absolutely stunningly delivered, beautiful lyrics and made me cry happy tears! Go forth and conquer, my friend! Best wishes from Texas!  SherryJane Cook, Houston Texas (May 6th, 2011)

-Hello, I'm a newbee at this blog thing. Heard "For Pete's Sake" for the first time last week on WKML [Inormally listen to classic rock] while driving, burst out crying , and was instantly hooked.  Called the station to find out who that was , and was told "Oh he's just a guy from a little town in Sampson County called Harrells!" Knowing exactly where this was {grew up next to the caution light} I replied "you're kidding, right?" Long story short, did the Google thing, ordered the cd, and was blown away again.  Hope to get a chance to talk directly to you to reminice.

--Jason- I am sharing our story about your song. I tracked it down from Randy Travis and I had to contact you!

We thought we had lost our daughter....for 4 years we have been trying to get between the six inches between her ears... you did it in 3 minutes!..

After...3 Driving under the Influence charges, 3 cars impounded, 3 rehab treatment, 980 drinking binges, 90 days in jail, 4 counselors, hundreds of arguments, thousands of dollars trying everything under the sun, hundreds of incoherent conversation with her .......years of tears.... and thousands of prayers....

Last week I played.. "You didn't Have a Good Time" by Randy Travis- with our daughter--- she is 27.... a million tears were shared between us for the next 6o minutes... our daughter said- what powerful lyrics and words..... After reading your website, I wanted to share this with you..... I am a writer and publisher but the power of your words and music had an impact beyond anything else..... Your words connected the dots and painted the "mind-movie"- like nothing else. JVand-4/18/11

- "I can't imagine anyone listening to this song and not being deeply moved." Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee after hearing "Like Father Like Son"

- Music News Nashville had this to say about Jason's writing and Jeff Bates' new album: "Each song gives the listener a sense of reflection about this life, and what might be on the other side. 'One Day Closer' comes from the pen of the always reliable Jason Matthews. The song works, and Bates give it a passionate vocal. I truly think this has a chance to work in both Country and Gospel. Bates also borrows from the Matthews branch by covering the chilling tune "The Rapture," which will stop listeners in their tracks." 

- Blaine [ Muscle Shoals, Al. - 11-01-2009 ]

Hey bro.....You're a writing fool!!! Love your music. When ya gonna come close to North Alabama?

- John [ compton - 10-28-2009 ]

jason- never in my life have i seen such "live" raw emotion cooked inside every song you create. You are a master wordsmith, tunesmith and melody maker. You are a lucky man to have a great pub company represent you, a great lady to run it, along with the invincible max...and some ole guys like us that are grateful the american attitude hasnt completely died yet. you are talented my friend...keep it up dog... john 

- Barby [ The Woodlands, TX - 10-19-2009 ]

We had your beautiful song "That's what Mamas Do" played for the mother son dance at my son's wedding. Everybody loved it and was the one time some people cried at the wedding. Thank you so much for giving us the perfect song!!

- cindy haddock [ hope mills - 10-14-2009 ]

Hey Jason. People like me just rocks my socks off, haha literally :- ) not only can you tug on a heartstring with your songs, but you can kick it up too and hang with the best of em . best wishes from nc. we're behind ya all the way !!!

- Marlana [ Anderson,Indiana - 09-22-2009 ]

Hi Jason just wanted you to know i realy love your music,i heard the hit song thats what momas do,and my mom had went to heaven jan 1st 2008 and i played your song at her funeral and every word was true as ture can be.AND i would like for you to know my mom was a breast cancer survivore for 17 years of the go lord above,then he knew it was her time to go.thank you for opening everyones eyes about momas..marlana kaiser

- Mike [ Elkmont, AL - 08-21-2009 ]

Jason, YOU ROCK! enough said! Enjoyed you at The Red Caboose...Hey, Check out the new Site. Thanks Mike

- peggy [ dunn,nc - 08-09-2009 ]

I saw you for the first last night in Lumberton,NC at singer/song writer show.You were really awesome.Really did ejoyed it. Keep the songs coming.

- Sue Norton [ Laurinburg, NC - 08-08-2009 ]

I've been a fan of your songs for a long I'm a fan of yours. So thrilled to see a "local" guy get to make a living doing what he does so well!!!

- Curt Collins [ Kings Mountain, NC - 07-30-2009 ]

I just wanted to tell you that I love your music! Man, you can write some tunes! Especially love Break Down Here. That IS country music! When you play near Charlotte, NC let us know. I would love to catch a show. Me being a new songwriter, you inspire me! Just study your songs and go from there. Very tight writing and great performance! From another NC boy, you got it going on! Curt

- Thomas Smith [ Fayetteville NC - 07-28-2009 ]

Jason Love what your doing with Country Music.Good to see also some one from my home (Harrells) make it big Keep up the good work and we will see you in lumberton.




Jason Matthews was born in Harrell's Store, North Carolina. At fifteen he saw Eric Clapton on television and became obsessed with writing songs. 

His first industry fan, WRFX DJ Macon in Charlotte, gave Matthews' demo to legendary musical comedy team Pinkard and Bowden, who subsequently invited Matthews to be their roadie and in-house writer. After a year on the road, he settled in Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a hit songwriter. 

In 2006, he landed his first Number One with Billy Currington's version of his song, “Must Be Doin' Something Right.” This earned him the coveted Music Row Magazine Breakthrough Writer Of The Year award and several ASCAP awards. 

In 2008, Jason released the critically acclaimed album called "Hicotine" and the single "That's What Mamas Do". 

Jason is an artist with Valhalla Music Group.