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Josh Thompson 

Well it's a good day when you get to write with one of your favorite new artists.  Josh Thompson is not only an awesome artist, he is one of the greatest guys you'll ever want to meet.  If you haven't gotten to know him yet, check out his music!




Sorry it's been a couple of days since I've checked in.  I got to play this awesome radio show Thursday night called Nixa Country and the Music Row Joe Show.  I hope you all get to tune in to it.  I will try to get a link to let you all know where it is.  Monday, I wrote a smash with my good buddy Tim Johnson ( I Let Here Lie and So Do You Believe Me Now)....and today I am in the studio, bringing 5 new babies into the world. Yes babies...these songs are so much like my babies.  We just have to get them grown so they can go out and make some money!  Can't wait for you all to hear them. 

So long for now, I'm going to play some XBOX!!



Blake Shelton's Who Are You When I'm Not Looking's like going to church, getting to see your buddies get recognition that they deserve.  This afternoon, my buddy John Wiggins and Earl Bud Lee had a #1 Party for their hit single "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking".....They are both great people and awesome writers. It was a great party.  Blake Shelton was there to celebrate...and asked everyone to finally ask the writers "What the hell does the line you paint your toes cause you bite your nails mean?"....

Congratuations...and thanks for selling the CD I'm on with "Doin That Thing We Do".....


middle of the week! 

It's been a great week.  I got to write with a new artist on Capitol Records by the name Jon Pardi.  The name is even a hit name.  I believe he has a site available for people to see.  Yesterday, I got to write with my man, Craig Campbell.  One of the greatest guys in the business.  I hope everyone gets to know him.  He currently has the song "Family Man" out right now.  And his new song "She Likes to Fish" is going to be a big ole hit!

Had the day off to watch the rain and play xbox.  I was suppose to write with Jeff Bates tomorrow and I have to finish this other song to make  a session next week. Jeff is one of my best buddies and I hate to have to miss.

Talk soon.


the Red Caboose 

Just finished a show in Elkmont Alabama with my friend Tim of Nashville's greatest talents.  We had an awesome show.  Alabama has some of the greatest people in the world.  Thanks to everyone in Elkmont!


Keith Anderson 

I am a huge fan of great people and today I got to write with a buddy of mine for the first time which I can't believe.  Keith and I spent Good Friday together writing hopefully a BIG OLE hit!

Have a great Easter everybody.


Got My Craig Campbell album! 

Ok...if you haven't heard of him, you will.  Craig Campbell is out with the hit song "Family Man"....written by my good buddies Joel Schumake and Jon Henderson!  Anyway, I am also on there with the song "When I Get It".  I am on there with a bunch of other cross your fingers we get a single!



Out with Luke Bryan 

Last week, I got to head out on the road with Luke Bryan to do a little writing, a little fishin', and a little bit of xbox! We hit the road, one bus, 12 guys. Crazy. Luke was opening for Jason Ald...


Most of my friends know that I am a huge horror, scifi geek, and I have to see everything.So during my week off, Debbie and I have had a huge movie marathon.We have seen the so far this week: 7 pound...


Jason Matthews was born in Harrell's Store, North Carolina. At fifteen he saw Eric Clapton on television and became obsessed with writing songs. 

His first industry fan, WRFX DJ Macon in Charlotte, gave Matthews' demo to legendary musical comedy team Pinkard and Bowden, who subsequently invited Matthews to be their roadie and in-house writer. After a year on the road, he settled in Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a hit songwriter. 

In 2006, he landed his first Number One with Billy Currington's version of his song, “Must Be Doin' Something Right.” This earned him the coveted Music Row Magazine Breakthrough Writer Of The Year award and several ASCAP awards. 

In 2008, Jason released the critically acclaimed album called "Hicotine" and the single "That's What Mamas Do". 

Jason is an artist with Valhalla Music Group.