From the recording Inspired

Written by Patrick Jason Matthews & Rebecca Lynn Howard)
EMI April Music Inc./Songfighter Music (ASCAP)
Hightunes Music (ASCAP)


(Written by Jason Matthews and Rebecca Lynn Howard)

Me I’m just a singer, though I may be well known
The truth is I’d be nothing without the power of a song
I’ve been blessed with fame and fortune, oh but in the end
A song’s what I wish I could have been

A song lives forever and never ever dies
Sings enemies together, touches so many lives
Words and melody will always be long after we are gone
Oh, how I wish I could live the life of a song

I could mend the broken wounded, I could prove that love is real
And take someone from China to a Carolina cotton field
I could comfort every solider, hum all the homeless home
I could change the world if I was just a song

(repeat chorus)


There’s an end for me, it’s my destiny but this song will carry on
And it’s just three minutes long
Oh, how I wish I could live the life of a song
Oh, how I wish I could live the life of a song


Jason Matthews was born in Harrell's Store, North Carolina. At fifteen he saw Eric Clapton on television and became obsessed with writing songs. 

His first industry fan, WRFX DJ Macon in Charlotte, gave Matthews' demo to legendary musical comedy team Pinkard and Bowden, who subsequently invited Matthews to be their roadie and in-house writer. After a year on the road, he settled in Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a hit songwriter. 

In 2006, he landed his first Number One with Billy Currington's version of his song, “Must Be Doin' Something Right.” This earned him the coveted Music Row Magazine Breakthrough Writer Of The Year award and several ASCAP awards. 

In 2008, Jason released the critically acclaimed album called "Hicotine" and the single "That's What Mamas Do". 

Jason is an artist with Valhalla Music Group.