From the recording Eponymous (digital album)

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(Patrick Jason Matthews/Kerry Kurt Phillips)

Johnny’s at the Spray ’n’ Go washing his truck
Vickie’s got the visor down piling on makeup
She yells, “Put a wiggle in it boy we gotta get rolling
There’s a party tonight and everybody’s going”
Hey yeah, get ready
Anything can happen better hold on tight
Live from America it’s Saturday night
Take a quick cruise through the old Frost Top
There’s Nancy Minkey ooh man ain’t she hot
Out in the boondocks they’re smoking something
Gotta barn full of beer hey ain’t you coming
Come on, get your groove on
Let your hair down we gonna do it up right
Live from America it’s Saturday night
There’s a five piece band in a two car garage
Front yard’s looking a Wal-Mart parking lot
Well, Sonny punched Sam caught him kissing Susan
Doug and Lisa’s in the back room sparking and spooning
Hey yeah, it’s gettin' crazy
She told her mama she wouldn’t but she just might
‘Cuz live from America it’s Saturday night
Got the barbecue smoking and the beer’s on ice
Live from America it’s Saturday night